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There has never been a greater opportunity for IT organizations to truly add business value. The new Digital age has created the opportunity for companies of all sizes to compete on an equal technology playing field. Capabilities such as Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Big Data, AI, IOT and Software as a Service are allowing companies to directly engage with the consumers of their products and services in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever before. In this new totally connected world technology is the very fabric of how we conduct every aspect of our businesses.

Our Services

Here are some of the services we have provided to world class companies on four continents

Our Services
One on One Executive Coaching

I work with executives to help them:

* Develop effective Executive and Board level relationships

* Create and manage high performance teams

* Learn how to effectively market their value

* Build their personal brand

* Transform under performing teams

* Drive successful organizational and digital transformations

 * Forge effective vendor/partner relationships

Custom Workshops

I develop and deliver leadership workshops for all functional teams to help them develop key leadership competencies.

I also deliver sales workshops on how to effectively sell to C-Level executives.


I facilitate team meetings and off-site events focused on strategy, goal setting and prioritization, alignment, culture change, diversity,change management, and organizational and digital transformations

Group Mentoring

I mentor groups and leadership teams on key competencies such as marketing, communication, 

relationship management, strategic decision making, leading change, etc.

Keynote Presentations

I deliver keynote presentations and do motivational speaking at conferences and events as well as for corporate engagements.


I consult with world class companies to help them navigate through their organizational and digital transformation efforts.


“Larry Bonfante helps you find that strength inside of you to overcome your limiting beliefs and become not just the executive and leader you want to be, but also the best version of you. The version that shows up strong in service of others, that knows the “why.” The version that accomplishes amazing goals while remaining grounded to what is important at work and in life. Larry is patient and 100% present as a coach. He gets to know you before making recommendations. He does not follow a generic cookie cutter formula. Larry targets his coaching specifically to you and your goals. He drives home business and leadership concepts with real world examples from lessons learned that are practical, relatable and sometime hilarious! There will be no shortage of challenges I will face in my career and life, having Larry in my corner as a trusted advisor and caring mentor gives me the courage to face those challenges head on, to grow from them and then do something most high-level performers forget to do, reflect, celebrate the wins and stop and smell the roses“. 

Chris Cantrell - CIO DRMP


Ready to find out more?

Contact me to schedule a time to discuss your objectives and how we can collaborate to ensure your future success.

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